Friday, June 14, 2013


These are a few minutes of lots of fun while fishing with Conway Bowman for his FLY FISHING THE WORLD TV series on the Sportsman Channel.

It was a LOT of fun fishing with Conway, he's a great angler and we share the taste in music.

We were supposed to go and fish Salta but Northern Argentina was flooded, no matter where you went.  With the help of Nervous Waters we finally got to fish their spectacular ALTO PARANA LODGE even though the new boats were not delivered yet and the lodge was closed for the season.

They did a great job finding local guides for us in a heartbeat and everything was excellent.
Water was high and discolored due to several weeks of pouring rain but we caught a lot of small fish and Conway lost a fish estimated at over 15 lbs. 
Justin Karnopp, TV producer also lost a really nice fish in a break between filming.  He was wading a sandy bank and swinging flies.

We promised to go back when conditions are normal. 

Find below some photos of a trip done a week before the deluge started.

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