Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Permit fishing close to home

July was great despite some nasty weather.  I did a lot of guiding but managed to do some fishing myself.

First day out had 3 shots at Permit.
See, there is this particular channel close to the boat ramp that has Permit almost year round.  The water moves really fast, there is substancial structure between 6' and 10' deep (depending on the stage of the tide) and a very nice weedline that hosts a bunch of Permit food (crabs and shrimp).

All you have to do is be there at the right tide and you have a chance of hooking and landing a record Permit.
Sure, it is not skinny water and tailing fish, but a Permit is a Permit, no matter what.  And these fish are not as picky as when they are in 1' of water.

Most often than not, if you manage to present the fly in the permit's face, you will hook him.   You will also have to have the right fly and manage the tricky underwater currents than any deep channel has.  Enter Nymph fishing for trout!

The typical presentation we use in this particular body of water is upcurrent, leading the fish by 4 to 8 feet to be able to put the fly in the Permit's mouth.  You will consider current speed , fish speed and depth to determine this distance prior making the cast.  Once you make the cast you will guide your fly using the rod tip and leader, much like nymphing with a tungsten bead head fly.

Always keep an eye on the fly, you must know where your fly is all the time in order to present it properly.  If your fly or the fish have moved, you can correct using the rod tip, and try to have control of the fly lines as well, so you can mend or manage it so you get a good dead drift.

We fish mostly with a floating line but sometimes an intermediate line is a better option. 

As for flies, always use crab patterns.

See the results: