Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I have fished a lot all winter long the GREAT Everglades National Park.    Weather has been very cooperative all winter despite some wind but as you know, you can always find a lee almost everywhere in the park.

Peter and Thayr, two great buddies and anglers having fun with snook, trout and redfish!

Mike Smith guide in Virginia with a large snook.
Check Mike's web page.  http://www.newriverflyfish.com/

We even had time to fish and film the next episode for FORD OUTFITTERS with my buddy Conway Bowman. 
Check Conway's web page:  www.bowmanbluewater.com

Two of my best fishing friends, Capt. Danny Ortiz and Capt Conway Bowman

Joe and Wayne, two very accomplished anglers that also fished with me in Argentina for Trout and Golden Dorado.  Joe caught a hog Dorado about 20 lbs.

For all these fishing we used 8 wt. fly rods, Rio Redfish fly lines and Rio Intermediate saltwater fly lines.

I will keep you posted with more fishing information soon.

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