Tuesday, October 15, 2013

September Everglades

September was a great month for fishing the Everglades.  As usual, fish where everywhere and happy.  I had the opportunity to fish with great photographer Nick Shirghio www.nick-photo.com and he had captured some great moments.

Fly fishing was our preferred method for stalking the flats for redfish, baby tarpon, snook and other species, but soft plastics and twitchbaits were the weapon of choice of the conventional anglers.

South Florida never stops to amaze me, especially Florida bay all the way to Naples.  There are so many fish that sometimes I think that all the fish from the world has moved here.

Summer fishing was great and I expect the fall to be even better but, now, with the changing weather and some cold fronts moving into South Florida we expect a change in the pattern of fish behaviour and we will have to act accordingly.

Keep fishing my friend!

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